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by earl, 6706 days ago
"A few years ago, when eBay designers opted to change the background color of every page from yellow to white, they actually changed the shade of the pages in almost imperceptible increments daily for months, until the pages were finally white. 'If they'd flipped a switch and gone from yellow to white, everyone would have screamed,' said eBay senior usability engineer Laura Borns. 'But no one had any complaints about it, because it was so gradual.'" [via max scheugl]

"Augmented Reality: A New Way of Seeing" - "What will computer user interfaces look like 10 years from now? If we extrapolate from current systems, it's easy to imagine a proliferation of high-resolution displays, ranging from tiny handheld or wrist-worn devices to large screens built into desks, walls and floors. [...] But I and many other computer scientists believe that a fundamentally different kind of user interface known as augmented reality will have a more profound effect on the way in which we develop and interact with future computers." [via ebendiesem :)]

Und als dritter link von Max: SIGCHI 2004 - in wien! stellt sich nur die frage wie man sich solche dinge lang-zeit vormerkt :)
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