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by earl, 7658 days ago
Robert Sapolsky maintains that "we make new neurons throughout life, and parts of the brain don't come fully on line until later. And, amazingly, the last area to do so is the frontal cortex, not until around age 30 or so. It's the last part of the brain to develop, and thus it's the part whose development is most subject to experience, environment, reinforcement, and the social world around you. That is incredibly interesting."

"Oscar Wilde once accused the poet William Wordsworth of finding sermons in stones that he had previously hidden there himself, and one might be tempted to make similar charges against many who claim to draw upon Vannevar Bush for inspiration. Certainly, as Child so convincingly demonstrates, readers of Bush's writings on the Memex have tended to find all their own ideas and emphases confirmed by it."

the quote is from a review of "From Memex to Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and the Mind's Machine" (ISBN: 0125232705). both may be of interest for anyone interested in either Bush's work itself and the influence it had on hypertext systems.
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