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by earl, 7612 days ago

welcome to esa3!

welcome to the new and improved esa; served from a new and fast machine, sliced through vanilla 0.5.4's release candidate 3 and featuring a cautious redesign. cleaned up and dressed up it's here to stay :)

rebol (now - 2003-06-29) tells me that it's been 79 days since the last esa-posting saw the light - yeah dear esa-readers, over two and a half months. thanks to all readers who endured the downtime, and my gratitude to those who kept asking for esa's return ;)

the next days will most likely feature a massive link-fest as i have quite a backlog that wants to be posted. if you have any wishes, bug-reports, design suggestions or other comments - don't hesitate to drop a short notice (by commenting on this entry, for example :)

these are interesting times, and i promise, there are interesting things to come - the 2-years-late vanilla release being only one of those things :)
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