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by earl, 7598 days ago
Some people do their laundry in emacs, but I find typing ^C-^X-^W-q-L-TT to add the fabric softener to be a bit cumbersome.
-- rlr at

"We need to apply our considerable efforts to developing languages/tools as simple and useful for business users as 4GLs have been and continue to be. We need a computationally complete end user programming language, which will allows a mere mortal to create and deploy applications across a federated collection of semi-structured information."

more stuff from the backlog ahead ...

"In current interfaces, users select objects, apply operations, and change viewing parameters in distinct steps that require switching attention among several screen areas. Our See-Through Interface(TM) software reduces steps by locating tools on a transparent sheet that can be moved over applications with one hand using a trackball, while the other hand controls a mouse cursor."

DonDo is DOt Net Data Objects" - an ultra simplistic idea of chained object stores.

"The Squeak/.NET bridge lets you use .NET objects from your Squeak programs."

"Anyone who has pursued creative freedom knows that it's a double-edged sword. Personal work is an opportunity to fully explore your own vision and passion, to follow paths further. You make your own timeline, set your own goals, follow your own passions. How inspiring! Then again, how intimidating!"

"Eine Klage, die man dagegen immer wieder hört: Das Netz fordert ständig Aufmerksamkeit und zerstückelt damit das reale Leben. Gerade bei Tätigkeiten, die Konzentration erfordern (etwa beim Schreiben dieses Artikels), lässt der Nutzer sich nur zu gern ablenken: Kaum hakt der Gedankengang ein wenig, schon klickt man mal kurz das E-Mail-Fenster an und schaut nach neuer Post."

The Random Personal Picture Finder "[creates] a random number, [slaps] it into a filename that has the structure used by default in a few different digital cameras" and asks google to find some pics.

"The 'edit styles' bookmarklet allows on-the-fly editing of the active CSS file of any webpage."

"Piccolo is a Java2 toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs in general, and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs) in particular."

"Empowering normal, non-technical people to author multimedia was what we stumbled onto, not by design or intent. We discovered multimedia authoring because that’s what the market needed, what the world needed – at that point in time (mid-late 80’s.) We just looked out around the landscape and saw what was possible, and sat down next to the people who were building these multimedia thingies – and we then gave them what they wanted and needed." - a long piece of Marc Canter containing that much gems, that it was really hard to decide which one to quote :)

Department copy-protection: "Was Internet anging, war BMG ja schon immer der Tanker, der sich vor die Torpedos des www schieben wollte. Der neueste Knaller kommt jetzt aus der Presseabteilung: BMG macht P2P extra leicht - und das nur, weil ein paar Journalisten Muster-CDs bei ebay verkloppen. Aber alles der Reihe nach." [via lex]
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