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by earl, 7554 days ago
"Chant it from the rooftops, spread it across your server, email it to your friends. The internet is shit."

so, after having been kinda ill the last few days, i feel better again.

"The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) [...] I've been dismayed to discover just how many software developers aren't really completely up to speed on the mysterious world of character sets, encodings, Unicode, all that stuff."

"Alice is a functional programming language based on Standard ML, extended with support for concurrent, distributed, and constraint programming. [via LtU@]

and as mentioned in the original lambda announcement, the tour is nice and interesting.

after having spent some time with some RSS-readers and after having come to use SharpReader one a somewhat regular basis, i still think there are better distribution models (the idea behind usenet (not necessarily the actual protocols), heck, even email) and that most RSS-readers suck. i'd enjoy being convinced otherwise.

my very personal wishes would be simple: i'd like to have some server thingy that does 24/7 feed collection for me (Parss might be very helpful here). i don't have my mail client running 24/7 anymore, and hey, what a surprise, email still works :) however, if i don't have my rss-reader running 24/7 some high-traffic feeds simply "wrap over" and i miss some news items. and not that i would really care for the items i missed in the past, but the i'm uncomfortable with the general behaviour.

as client, i think sharpreader would do well enough, if only it would be integrated into Mozilla (Firebird). as most of the time i read a news item i want to simply follow the contained links, not having integrated the news stuff into my browser simply sucks. i simply want something sharpreader-like running in one tab of my browser, nicely integrated so that i can use my browser just i'm always using it.

obviously some kind of (open!) integration betw the mozilla client thingy and the server thingy would be necessary - maybe a WebDAV-accessible OPML subscription list.
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