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by earl, 7568 days ago
"Explaining RSS is like explaining sex. You just don't get it until you do it."
-- George Siemens

btw, it's exactly the same matter with vanilla ... :)

"This shifts power away from the people who own finite sets of copyrighted material and toward the people who offer access to information about where this material can be found. Information about books, not ownership of copyrights, becomes a new center of power. Manber is correct when he says that Amazon's Search Inside the Book is not an ebook project. It is merely a catalog. But a decade of Internet history proves that the catalog is exactly what you want to own."

you've most likely heard the news about Amazon's fulltext search project. anyway, whether you've already heard about it or not, the wired article cited above is a must read.

"[Currying] is a useful technique from the functional languages camp. It's usually not something JavaScript does. I will here explain what [currying] means, both with examples from ML, and with the theory behind (anonymous/lambda functions). Then, I'll show you can make a one-function-fits-all solution for JavaScript. And I'll then show how to retrofit a function (in this case, the Horspool substring search algorithm), so that it will do precompilation (save processing time)."
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