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by earl, 6968 days ago
Tim Sneath: "WinFS is a marriage with NTFS! It's a file system that co-exists with and leverages the best of NTFS. There are areas where NTFS will not scale well in the future, not because as a file system it is inadequate but because the new requirements people will have in a world of digital data requires a more relational, query-orientated file system. WinFS is the solution to this problem."

Tim Sneath: "[In C#] Generics are instantiated at run-time, not compile-time and are checked at declaration, not instantiation. (In comparison, C++ templates are created at compile-time and checked when instantiated.) The strongly-typed nature of generics thus results in fewer hard-to-debug errors and better runtime type information. Generics are being introduced in Java, but they are purely syntactic sugar - when compiled, all the type parameters are thrown away and replaced with casting etc."

the linked write-up provides a concise overview of the upcoming enhancements to the C# language. if you want good reports of Microsoft's PDC, Tim Sneath's blog is well worth a read.
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