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by earl, 7472 days ago
"was wir brauchen -- einen menschen der uns fasziniert, bereichert, zuhört, anzieht, anlächelt. und einen menschen der da ist, geografisch. für diese abende an denen ein kurzes gespräch in der richtigen gesellschaft wunder wirken könnte."
-- smi

"What makes a good practice session? You need time without interruptions, and a simple thing you want to try. You need to try it as many times as it takes, and be comfortable making mistakes. You need to look for feedback each time so you can work to improve. There needs to be no pressure: this is why it is hard to practice in a project environment. it helps to keep it fun: make small steps forward when you can."

if you are looking for realistic, challing and small enough problems to experiment with algorithms, programming languages or to practice coding, i'd suggest you have a look Dave Thomas's CodeKatas.
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