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by earl, 5313 days ago
"So what is your view? Will programming become more and more nonalgorithmic as time goes by? Or will 'good old-fashioned programming', i.e., building components from subcomponents in layers until the problem is solved, continue to be the main way that computers are programmed?"

"Brett Cannon asked for ideas for a master's thesis related to Python." - comment on LtU: "Not all the ideas seem very interesting, and I am not sure all would be appropriate for a master thesis, but at least the list includes some valuable links." - someone interested in programming languages might also consider it to be a small list mentioning worthwile things to learn more about. ah yes, here's the link to the list ;)

"nachdem sich NSAppleScript nun wirklich in meinem lib/ext eingefunden hat ist applescript für den hop nun kein feuchter traum mehr sondern staubtrockene realität" - in diesem fall, sollte staubtrockenes feuchtfroehlich gefeiert werden!

"I like REBOL for many reasons. In this article I'll focus on one, the integrated GUI system, and I'll show you how to build a front end for a small email-based survey and feedback system."

Groovy is progressing nicely and looks very promising. and besides the language itself, the plans on how to leverage the project's wiki are quite interesting.
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