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by earl, 7557 days ago
"SHriMP is both an application and a technique, designed for visualizing and exploring software architecture and any other information space. SHriMP is a domain-independent visualization technique designed to enhance how people browse and explore complex information spaces."

Sam Ruby: "it looks to me like XAML was designed to solve a specific problem for a specific tool. In particular, allowing someone to edit a combination of visual controls after they initially created it. Reverse engineering Java (or C#) code for this particular application is suboptimal for both humans and machines."

ja, und cuntilla kann immerhin schon backlinks und trackt auch externe referer und nimmt mysql als storage backend und ueberhaupt :)

Practical Common Lisp is progressing niceley, chapters 1 to 7 are available on the website in review versions. If the future chapters keep up the quality, the book will be well worth a buy.
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