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by earl, 6465 days ago
"JSE is an extension to the Java language that allows Java programmers to define new syntactic constructs. The design is based on the Dylan macro system (e.g., rule-based pattern matching and hygiene), but exploits Java's compilation model to offer a full procedural macro engine. In other words, syntax expanders may be implemented in, and so use all the facilities of, the full Java language."

"[You can use] Eclipse to create your own commercial quality programs. With previous version of Eclipse, this was possible but difficult [..]. That was because the "IDE-ness" of Eclipse was hard-wired into it. Version 3 introduces the Rich Client Platform, which is basically a refactoring of the fundamental parts of Eclipse's UI, allowing it to be used for non-IDE applications."

code stuecke wie zB:
int returnCode = PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench(
if (returnCode == PlatformUI.RETURN_RESTART) {
return IPlatformRunnable.EXIT_RESTART;
} else {
return IPlatformRunnable.EXIT_OK;
schaun ja auch genauso aus wie ich's mir vorstell ... yikes, yuck, wuerg! aber vielleicht ensteht ja auch an der front so etwas wie SwingWT. wenn auch JLense (zumindest fuer einen aeusserst externen beobachter wie mich) ziemlich ruhig geworden ist.
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