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by earl, 6947 days ago
everywhere i look, endless dynamic vs static typing debates.

"About 8 or 9 months ago, there was a thread on 'how to design a language'. I offered some thought, other people chipped in, and I volunteered to collate the results." [via LtU@]

"Without Cells, CLOS slots are like cells of a paper spreadsheet. A single key-down event can cause a cascade of change throughout an application. The programmer has to arrange for it all to happen, all in the right order [..] With Cells, the programmer looks at program state differently. One asks, 'How could I compute, at any point of runtime, a value for a given slot of an arbitrary instance, based only on other runtime state (other slots of other instances).'

"Cells support a declarative paradigm in which the motivating force behind an application's overall behavior is dataflow through a dependency graph maintained automatically by the system."
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