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by earl, 7258 days ago
wer aus welchen gruenden auch immer Enzensbergers "Baukasten zu einer Theorie der Medien" nicht im volltext lesen will oder kann, dem sei zumindest Jörg Kantel's verkuerzte variante ans herz gelegt.

"Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps!" - "Information architects have so far applied known and well-tried tools from library science to solve this problem, and now topic maps are sailing up as another potential tool for information architects. This raises the question of how topic maps compare with the traditional solutions, and that is the question this paper attempts to address."

"This document tries to show some possible solutions for creating screen based presentations. Most of the listed solutions are LaTeX-based because I personally prefer LaTeX - and derived tools - over other documentation systems." - i've been personally really happy with foiltex recently.

"As Java has become more important for building large systems, customers asked for a version of [create Berkeley DB] that provides the same services, but that is written entirely in Java. [..] Sleepycat is pleased to offer Berkeley DB Java Edition."
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