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by earl, 7309 days ago
REBOL Development Projects Summary: "The purpose of this document is to give developers, partners, and power users a quick summary of our product development plans and future technology vision."

"[..] As a web interface for the community, we are looking closely at Vanilla, or some variation of it. We like many aspects of Vanilla, and think it is a powerful concept, but there are also parts that we think need to be changed to better meet our needs."

wow :) the document closes with a list of things "that we are very interested in adding to REBOL in the future", including improved multithreading, plugin framework, unicode and an embeddable REBOL dll. although "we are interested in adding" is a rather vague statement, those would be my current top 5 feature requests (count unicode twice :). so the introducing proposition in the last paragraph is fulfilled: "Okay, so you cannot say that your favorite improvements are missing from this document."

as said elsewhere: lets "hope they can deliver". as for the community involvement: i would certainly be interested to work with RT on vanilla :)
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