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by earl, 6605 days ago
2000-06-17: "The 'main' REBOL dialect implements lexical scoping as its default behavior, just in a different way than Scheme does. Scheme (intepreted) has dynamic binding, so all variables are mapped to values in a lexical context, but symbols are bound to variables at runtime, at every reference. With REBOL the symbols are bound to variables once, before the code is executed. Direct binding makes REBOL more similar to compiled Scheme, even when it is interpreted."

Because I stumpled upon the problem once again (the third time now), it's finally time to reference the solution :) Joe Gregorio: Getting subversion svn+ssh:// to work with Putty. And if you have root access to the server, a simple

ln -s /usr/bin/svnserve /bin/

fixes that as well.

addendum: if you want to incorporate proper umask setting as well, a better idea might be to create a new /bin/svnserve with the following content:


umask 002
/usr/bin/svnserve "$@"
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