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by earl, 7110 days ago
Kenneth E. Iverson, * 1920-12-17 — † 2004-10-19

"Ken Iverson passed away Tuesday evening, October 19th at the age of 83. Ken was at his computer Saturday afternoon working on a new J lab when he had a stroke. Three days later he died quietly with his wife Jean by his side, along with other family members. Ken had a wonderful and memorable life. He enjoyed it fully and he freely shared his joy with so many others."

Receiving his PhD from Harvard in 1951, Iverson published the book "A Programming Language" in 1962 which is the origin of APL. In 1979 Kenneth Iverson received the Turing award, the most prestigious award in the field of computing for his work on APL and programming language theory in general. A whole group of languages descended from APL, amongst others K and J, the latter being co-created by Iverson himself in the late 1980s.

His work is highly relevant up to today and will continue to influence computer science.

-- Notation as a Tool of Thought
-- Globe and Mail Obituary
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