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by earl, 6046 days ago
"A Comparative Study of Language Support for Generic Programming" (2003): "Many modern programming languages support basic generic programming, sufficient to implement type-safe polymorphic containers. Some languages have moved beyond this basic support to a broader, more powerful interpretation of generic programming, and their extensions have proven valuable in practice. This paper reports on a comprehensive comparison of generics in six programming languages: C++, [create Standard ML], Haskell, Eiffel, Java (with its proposed generics extension), and [create Generic C#]."

MultiJava: Design Rationale, Compiler Implementation, and Applications (2004): "MultiJava is a conservative extension of the Java programming language that adds symmetric multiple dispatch and open classes. [..] This paper [..] discusses [design, compiler, implementation and] application domains [..] including pervasive computing, graphical user interfaces, and compilers. MultiJava allows users to express desired programming idioms in a way that is declarative and supports static typechecking, in contrast to the tedious and type-unsafe workarounds required in Java."
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