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by earl, 6822 days ago
Software Patents: Vienna and Munich call for legal certainty with software patents [thx gpoul]

I guess most of you interested in that kind of news will already have found out via other channels, but still: REBOL/View 1.3 is out. The main changes consist of a new draw dialect based on AGG and fixes and enhancements to VID - i.e. GUI/graphics stuff.

AGG is certainly very cool, but for those who are not that interested in /View per se, the other changes (which will sometime show up in a REBOL/Core 2.6.0) are not that exciting. The "all new garbage collector" has no big impact, as far as I can tell. A quick test with my K4 connector library for REBOL still results in strange gc behaviour (no free memory even after multiple 'recycle). I'll try to pin down that in a few weeks and report it - but still, I'm disappointed. (On a side note: this erratic behaviour is the main reason why I've not released the connector library yet).

Other than that, the changes mainly consist of minor bug fixes, small enhancements to existing functins and small new functions. Not to say that some of those functions are actually nice but considering the release cycles of REBOL ... well. Finally, 'decode-cgi is still severely bugged as is 'read-cgi - I don't know how many more times I have to report this.
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