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by earl, 6814 days ago
ACM Classics: "On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules" (May 1996) by D.L. Parnas

"The Semantic Web: An Interview with Tim Berners-Lee - After years of development, [Semantic Web] specifications will enable users to search not only for documents that contain data, but also for the desired data itself, through 'semantic' identification and location techniques."

Martin Fowler - Language Workbenches: "For a long time there's been a style of software development that seeks to describe software systems using a collection of domain specific languages. You see this in the Unix tradition of 'little languages' which generate code via lex and yacc; you see it in the Lisp community with languages developed inside Lisp, often with the help of Lisp's macros. Such approaches are much liked by their advocates, but this style of thinking hasn't caught on as much as many of these people would like."
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