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by earl, 5839 days ago
gpoul poked a bit thru the JavaOne session slides and came up with quite a bit of interesting stuff. especially the sessions on the new java.util.concurrent are well worth a glance. "Simpler, Faster, Better: Concurrency Utilities in Java 5" (TS-5807) provides a very good overview: thread execution schedulers (executors), futures, read-write locks and a lock-free concurrent hashmap implementation (based on CAS). "Concurrency Utilities in Practice" (TS-3423) shows the practical application of some of those things.

"Evolving the Java Language" (TS-7955) gives an overview of how Java the language is going to develop. all the interesting things (well, multiple dispatch and method references/closures) are basically a no-no ;) instead XML integration at the language (syntactic) level is a major topic, current "brainstorming" is basically sexprs with # as lexical marker for XML node names:

XML shelf = #shelf {
   #book { #author { "foo" } }
   #book { #author { "bar" } } }

for (XML b : shelf/#book) {

elsewhere, the JVM instruction set may be extended to better support "dynamic" languages. hopefully they'll add a tail call instruction/hint as well ;)

i can't find any way to place direct links to the session slides - if anyone else finds out: drop a note, please.
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