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by earl, 6544 days ago
The team working on open-sourcing [create Novell]'s iFolder seems to be in the process of announcing a first public release of "iFolder Server", the enterprise-targetted server that was previously part of Novell's Open Enterprise Server. A open-source folder synchronisation solution that just works is something that has been on my wishlist for quite some time. Fortunately, nailing down that "quite some time" is only two links away: 2004-03-08. I love it when Vanilla does it's magic :)

Anyway, just recently and mostly by accident I came across a functionality in WinSCP that does the trick at least for (up-)sync'ing win32 clients. The function is called "Keep Remote Directory up to Date" (ctrl-u) and does basically what is promised: given a local and a remote (scp/sftp) directory, any changes to the local directory are up-sync'ed to the remote directory. You can choose if you want to include subdirectories and deletes. Works quickly and hassle-free so far and speeds up some workflows considerably.
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