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by earl, 5952 days ago
Brendan Eich on ECMAScript 4: "The over-minimized design of JavaScript has led not only to confusion about things like the meaning of this due to too few special forms (unbound methods, constructor functions called without operator new), it also imposed a long-term complexity tax on JS programmers and libraries. Everyone invents an OOP framework, some standard packaging discipline, and a latent type system. Why should not the core language address these obvious requirements?"

The posting itself is primarily about political issues surrounding the development of ES4; not that interesting if you have heard a bit or two about how standardization bodies work. The comments, however, tackle one of the underlying problems: how to evolve a language. Hopefully, the politics won't stall ES4 as it looks extremely interesting and promising. To wet your appetite, be sure to check the Proposed ECMAScript 4th Edition - Language Overview published recently.
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