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by earl, 5332 days ago
Stories from an open BitTorrent tracker: "we had a rough ride the last days. the new hardware had not enough power to serve all requests (sometimes more than 3000 conn/sec). thats a quarter billion requests per day!"

The software used is opentracker.

Look Ma! They've "released" the REBOL DevBase: "Once the alpha group agrees it works well enough, we'll make it more accessible." Now that is sure one heck of a "release". And now we're waiting for one alpha (DevBase) to become public so that another alpha (REBOL 3) can become public -- I kinda sense a shred of irony. Never mind the bitter words, it definitely is relieving that DevBase finally shows up. Let's hope REBOL 3 will follow suit.

On an aside, note the description of the workflow given in the comments. A tiny bit of validation for my snarky distributed VCS remark from a few days ago. Also note that DevBase seems to be built on LNS which is what REBOL/Services was renamed to later on. A first (public!) alpha of LNS was released almost exactly two years ago. LNS was earlier described as the single most important piece to speed up REBOL development. Given that all those pieces are now falling into place, maybe REBOL 3 is really just around the corner?
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