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by earl, 5183 days ago

REBOL 3 is out!

leaves me breath- and speechless, for the moment. an alpha! finally. o joy!

Some Unicode-related pointers: First, REBOL 3 seems to be finally getting proper Unicode support. This always leaves me wondering about a nice internal representation for Unicode strings. On this topic, check out Robert O'Callahan rambling about why UTF-8 should be the ultimate internal string representation. Further, have a look at the Larceny project's considerations regarding an internal string representation. I find their record1 representation especially interesting, but also have a look at the size comparisons at the bottom of the page. Factor is also getting Unicode support, and as far as I understand, they are currently planning to take a similar road: immutable strings that are created using an 8-bit or 32-bit fixed width representation depending on wether non-ASCII characters are actually contained in the string to be created.
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