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by earl, 5932 days ago
Lasset uns Matrizenmilch melken! (oder trinken, aber dann alliterierts nicht mehr)

The ACM Classic Books Series plans to make available online and in fulltext a range of truly classic works in computer science. It's hard to pick a few, so just to wetten your appetite:

- Goldberg and Robson's "Smalltalk-80" (1983),
- Bentley's "Writing Efficient Programs" (1982),
- Aho and Ullman's "The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling" (1972),
- Minsky's "Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines" (1967),
- Iverson's "A Programming Language" (1962) and
- John von Neumann's "The Computer and the Brain" (1958)

are amongst the many brilliant texts to become available online through this series. And at least the "Smalltalk-80" PDF is also fully searchable -- consider me blown away!

Meanwhile, Sun acquired MySQL AB and Oracle acquires Bea. And at least Sun buying MySQL AB makes at lot of sense to me. I'm once again somewhat impressed by the clear strategic vision Sun seems to follow recently; I guess time will tell how that works out in terms of customers and revenue.

Tom Hodgkinson for The Guardian: Facebook appeals to a kind of vanity and self-importance in us, too. If I put up a flattering picture of myself with a list of my favourite things, I can construct an artificial representation of who I am in order to get sex or approval. ("I like Facebook," said another friend. "I got a shag out of it.")
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