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by earl, 5893 days ago
Yehuda Koren on the Netflix Prize: "What can really make a difference in perfecting a recommender system? I do not pretend have a real answer, but I will try to give some personal impressions. While working on the Netflix Prize, sifting through many ideas, implementing maybe a hundred different algorithms, we have come to recognize the few things that really matter." ~

Manfred von Thun - Symbol Processing in [create PASCAL]: "[This] book is intended for students in computer science who want to do symbolic processing in a conventional language, and for students in logic and linguistics who wish to learn how to write programs in their field." ~

Note: I'm playing around a bit with adding "via"-links to (new) posts, where appropriate. Yep, those ~ thingies. Don't hesitate to comment (for example, by suggesting a nice unicode symbol to use).
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