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by earl, 5509 days ago
Feature of the day: Helma NG! Helma NG is work in progress to create a modern, minimal, server-side JavaScript runtime. Mainly developed by [create Hannes Wallnöfer] it builds on years of experience with Helma.

Helma NG will not only be useful for web applications, but attempts to be a general-purpose framework for server-side JavaScript. So you'll also be able to use its features (such as modules) and libraries (e.g. logging, testing, templating) for "console" applications (aka scripts). And now, without further ado, here is the canonical example of a minimal script:

To get this to work, you need Java, Ant and Git (or Subversion, alternatively). First, fetch Helma NG's sources:
git clone git://
Build it:
ant jar
Save the above code as e.g. apps/hello.js and then run it using:
java -jar run.jar apps/hello.js
Hopefully, you'll get:
$ java -jar run.jar apps/hello.js
hello, world!
Whoa, congrats! Your first Helma NG script. Now you might try starting apps/demo/main.js and pointing your browser at http://localhost:8080.

Be aware that Helma NG is a rapidly developing work in progress, so this post is mainly to spur your curiosity. If this got you interested, you might want to join the Helma NG mailing list.

2008-09-13: Adapted to recent module loading changes.
2008-11-07: Adapted to even more recent module system changes.
2009-05-19: Adapted to the changes in the module system that shipped with Helma NG 0.3.
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