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by earl, 5674 days ago
"I feel no need to cater to bad programmers."

-- Charles Moore in a Computerworld interview

The quote above is from an excellent interview series by Computerworld's Naomi Hamilton entitled "The A-Z of Programming Languages". Up until now, the series encompasses the following parts:

- Alfred Aho on AWK (link)
- S. Tucker Taft on Ada (link)
- Microsoft on ASP (link)
- Chet Ramey on Bash (link)
- Bjarne Stroustrup on C++ (link)
- Charles Moore on Forth (link)
- Don Woods on INTERCAL (link)
- Stephen Johnson on [create YACC] (link)
- Luca Cardelli on [create Modula]-3 (link)
- Walter Bright on [create D] (link)
- Brendan Eich on JavaScript (link)
- Guido van Rossum on Python (link)
- Roberto Ierusalimschy on Lua (link)
- Simon Peyton Jones on Haskell (link)
- Anders Hejlsberg on C# (link)

Stevan Apter on the historical development of K (K3, K4), and Q: "[k3] has atoms, lists, and dictionaries, q has atoms, lists, dictionaries, tables, and keytables. for the purist: q tables are lists of dictionaries having the same domain, and keytables are dictionaries where the domain and range are tables with the same cardinality. this simple extension, viz. having the interpreter recognize table and keytable as derived types, has powerful implications."
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