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by earl, 5768 days ago
John Rose: "Last week some Sun engineers and I invited our colleagues over to Sun Santa Clara to talk about the future of VMs and languages. We called the meeting the JVM Language Summit. It was a blast; I’d like to tell you why, and what I learned. ~

Dear Lazyweb, some features I'd like to see in Sup:

- I'd like to use gvim as editor and have multiple new mails/replies open while still using sup to look at other mails. Once I close one gvim window Sup's send buffer (window) for this message should appear.

- Message templates. No ideas regarding the GUI flow yet. But I need them. I currently use some custom vim hacks instead.

- Externally initiated message creation. An external process should be able to tell Sup that a new message is to be composed.

This may sound a bit strange to you guys and gals out there. Well, can't help it ...

It really is kinda ridiculous how attached you get to a good mailer within a few months. So it's a pity that current Sup seems to be destined to vanish, sooner or later.

On the other hand, all the issues mentioned above really concern the "mail creation" part of an MUA. STS (Sup's reimagining) seems to be mainly concerned with the "mail browsing" part. With other programs (e.g. fetchmail and postfix) taking care of downloading and sending mail, it may make a lot of sense to have a dedicated mail composing app separate from a good mail "browser". Even though the latter would obviously have to be the thing that integrates fetching, browsing, composing, and sending back together.
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