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by earl, 4470 days ago
A few DNS/DNSSEC-related factlets; randomly collected.

VeriSign's DNS servers, (2 TLDs: .com, .net; and 2 roots: A, J) "together handle 35 billion queries from 5 million clients" on a "typical day" [1]. Most likely accurate as of late 2008.

VeriSign's DNS infastructure handles, as of Q4/2008, peaks of up to 50 billion queries per day [2].

177 million domain names are estimated to have been registered across all TLDs by the end of 2008 [2].

The largest TLDs by number of registered domains at the end of 2008 were: .com followed by .cn, .de, .net, and .org [2].

Number of times [create DNSSEC] was declared complete and ready for deployment by the responsible IETF working group: 3, by my count (RFC 2065; RFC 2535; RFC 4033ff).

Number of .com Domains with DNSSEC signatures, as of 2009-02-28: 251 (out of roughly 80 million) [2].

DNSSEC is deployed at the ccTLDs for Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and Thailand [3]. RIPE NCC signs the zones it is responsible for [4]. The .gov gTLD is signed. [5]


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