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by earl, 5545 days ago
A few days ago, I wrote a Python script to fetch CSV records from Bank Austria's online banking webapp. As this webapp seems to be (or at least once was) known as "bach" internally (witness the URLs), my scraper is unimaginatively called bach as well.

You can get it via Git at:


Alternatively, it's also available via Github. Bach requires Python (>= 2.5, I think) along with John Lee's mechanize lib (python-mechanize on Debian-based systems). Otherwise it should be pretty self-explanatory.

It's basically feature complete for my purposes, but I may add support for retrieving credentials from GNOME Keyring at some point. I don't really care about the filtering options available through the webapp, if someone wants to add support for this, I'll happily consider a patch, though.

Also be sure to have a look at Thomas Themel's BA-CA page, which not only has a similar script written in Perl, but also another script to convert the downloaded CSV statements into QIF (for importing into e.g. GnuCash).
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