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by earl, 5389 days ago
Geoff Huston on "NAT++: Address Sharing in IPv4":"However, one major assumption is broken in this structure, namely that an IP address is associated with a single customer. In this model a single public IP address may be simultaneously used by many customers at once."

I can't even describe how absolutely hilarious that is. With respect to that single quote, the whole article could've been titled "how IPv4 address depletion may kick legislator's ass": IPv4 address pools will deplete, eventually. And after that, with whatever happens next, the quoted consequence is not utterly implausible. Legislators will have a great joy to learn, that those dynamic IP addresses they so eagerly declared as customer data to be detained are no longer really associated with a customer at all. Oh, the irony!

But don't be turned off by me picking this particular quote, the whole article is full of stimulating thoughts while also not being short on technical detail. Another teaser:

[The] ISP industry has managed to shave most of its revenue margins in a highly competitive industry, and at the same time lose control of services, their delivery, and their potentially lucrative revenue margins. So the ISP industry has been collectively sitting on its hands not because it cannot see the problem in terms of the imminent exhaustion of IPv4, but because it has little choice due to financial constraints [...]
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