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by earl, 4445 days ago
Back in Sep 2008, Deskin Miller pushed commit 2beec8 to mainline Git. This patch enables git-svn to incrementally rebuild its datastructures which improves on a nice workflow I'm currently using heavily:

"Suppose you're using git-svn to work with a certain SVN repository. Since you don't like 'git-svn fetch' to take forever, and you don't want to accidentally interrupt it and end up corrupting your repository, you set up a remote Git repository to mirror the SVN repository, which does its own 'git-svn fetch' on a cronjob; now you can 'git-fetch' from the Git mirror into your local repository, and still dcommit to SVN when you have changes to push."

For this to work, fiddling with what is fetched from a remote is required. But that is a topic for another short post. And in case you wonder, this improvement to git-svn was shipped with Git 1.6.1.
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