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by earl, 5298 days ago
In the spirit of 2006-05-07's minimal-but-not-totally-compliant HTTP server written in REBOL 2, here's the same thing written in REBOL 3:

r: to-binary ajoin [
"HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable" crlf
"Content-type: text/plain" crlf
"server down for maintenance, we'll be back soon! "
"[503 service unavailable]" crlf

s: open tcp://:8080
s/awake: func [e] [if e/type = 'accept [close write first e/port r prin '.]]
wait s

Yay, one line down! Beware though, as this will happily idle at maximum CPU usage on Linux or OSX until bug #913 gets fixed.
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