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by earl, 5261 days ago
Roughly a year after the last release (2008-12-12), beanstalkc 0.2.0 is out! This release comes with a few minor incompatible API changes, which are detailed in the release announcement.

Here's the unabridged list of changes:

$ git log --reversed --pretty=format:"[%h] %s (%an)" v0.1.1..v0.2.0
[0049ffb] Minor nit: make Job inherit from object (Eric Florenzano)
[4160b3c] Remove unused time import. (Eric Florenzano)
[ce041e5] Fix typo in -p command in Getting Started section of tutorial (Chris Scott)
[7880eaa] Fix for Python 2.4 (Andreas Bolka)
[943d572] Fixed typo (Andreas Bolka)
[a4e7d1a] Prefix private methods with an underscore (Andreas Bolka)
[d04cfb1] Fix delete to expect a NOT_FOUND response (Andreas Bolka)
[ac7c037] Fix beanstalkd command in tutorial (Andreas Bolka)
[6e282a0] Change YAML-related names for clarity (Andreas Bolka)
[92ed027] Document our PyYAML dependency and alternatives (Andreas Bolka)
[0053c5b] Document job priorities (Andreas Bolka)
[f7a32d4] Update beanstalkd URL (Andreas Bolka)
[2f5f61c] Mention PyYAML dependency in readme (Andreas Bolka)
[89583b1] Correct typo (Andreas Bolka)
[65a279f] Job priorities are documented now (Andreas Bolka)
[37a67c1] Use socket#sendall to fail faster (Andreas Bolka)
[23eaf7a] Make silent socket errors explicit (Andreas Bolka)
[a49928f] Wrap all socket exceptions in SocketError (Andreas Bolka)
[2f0a663] Update copyright notice (Andreas Bolka)
[b1c5f40] Wrap long line (Andreas Bolka)
[a494e1d] Gracefully handle missing PyYAML (Andreas Bolka)
[38122ab] Relax doctest to cope with more stats info (Andreas Bolka)
[c076e4c] Prefix parse_yaml, socket, socket_file with _ (Andreas Bolka)
[56b0e00] Implement pause-tube support (Andreas Bolka)
[d970f04] Release version 0.2.0 (Andreas Bolka)
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