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by earl, 5039 days ago
LLVM is coming to Haskell, in the form of David Terei's LLVM backend which is being merged into mainline GHC. Based on that, GHC seems to be also dropping it's C backend, in favour of their own native code generator and LLVM as fall-back, wherever the former is not yet available/feasible.

And while we are in Haskell-land: the uvector package is now deprecated in favour of vector, which now provides the same performance but not only makes all those U suffices go away, but is also more versatile. Why should you care at all about vector (or uvector, for that matter)? Two words: Loop fusion (based on DPH work)! To spread his excitement, Don Stewart has started "Numeric Haskell: A Vector Tutorial" which, based on the NumPy tutorial, nicely introduces using vector in Haskell.

Addendum 2010-02-22: Don Stewart did some micro-benchmarking of GHC's native, C and LLVM backends using the vector package.
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