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by earl, 7819 days ago
mid-level J2EE web application framework

low-level would be plain J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB, ...). mid-level are frameworks like Struts, providing abstraction to an MVC/Model2 level. high-level frameworks are things like Expresso or [create Turbine] which provide ready-to-use components for things like logging, persistence, authentication/registration, workflow, etc.

"Compared to other offerings, Struts endeavors to be a minimalist framework. We try leverage existing technologies whenever we can and then provide only the missing pieces you need to combine disparate technologies into a coherent application. This is great when you want to select your own tools to use with Struts. But, if you prefer a more integrated infrastructure, then packages like Turbine or Expresso are perfectly good ways to go."

Struts is an Apache Jakarta project.

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