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by earl, 6710 days ago
"Three decades ago, in the throes of the energy crisis, Washington's hawks conceived of a strategy for US control of the Persian Gulf's oil. Now, with the same strategists firmly in control of the White House, the Bush administration is playing out their script for global dominance."

A year ago I mentioned "Heaven" as a must-see. Now, a year later, this is a good occassion to remark that Heaven is my "film of the year, 2002."

Die netten leuz hinter Barracuda haben, zwar schon vor einiger zeit, mal die "server-side presentation layer landscape" untersucht. mit java-orientierung und blickwinkel "competitors to barracuda" und ohne Helma, aber nichtsdestotrotz gut zu lesen (includes brief descriptions of Struts, [create Turbine], Expresso, Maverick, WebWork, Tapestry, Velocity and some more).
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