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by earl, 8026 days ago
Must-See (im kino): Heaven

"This site started with the first steps page that guides you through getting, compiling and running the Mono:: project. -

currently hosting the guide for building Mono on Linux. may become a useful .NET/Linux resource.

"From what can be seen of RCS at the moment, it could have been coded on many different platforms. The functionality could have been written in PHP, Python, PERL, as an Apache MOD in C++, Java, .NET and probably many others." (Julian Bond)

"That's correct. All formats and protocols implemented by RCS could be implemented in any environment that has support for XML, SOAP and XML-RPC; commercial or open source. Specs for every format and protocol on our websites." (Dave Winer)

i just don't see why we should develop "open" extensions to a proprietary product. currently there's no choice to simply switch the "base" product (radio/frontier that is) and keep the extension. proprietary interfaces, but openly documented. just like tha big bro.
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