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Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2001 link

"What we are going to do with SqueakNOS is getting rid of the OS under Squeak, and we'll implement all needed functionality in Smalltalk." - [via blendobox@]

Coaching & Consulting Oliver Baer found via fakedreality. schaut nach interessanten artikeln aus.

Verdammt gutes Interview mit Carl Sassenrath - die besten quotes dazu, finden sich auf lcom:2001-10-23.

-- However, REBOL was designed from a meta-circular view of language semantics. That is, REBOL is what you need it to be. It morphs to provide the maximal expressive power for any problem.

-- The immediate plans are to expand REBOL's networking capabilities by creating very secure private networks for collaboration, as well as enabling next generation peer-to-peer networks.

-- You write it, and it works - just about everywhere.

and that's it! you write it, and it works and it securely networks! it communicates! dieses ganz einfache prinzip bringt REBOL zur richtigen zeit. dazu die drei obigen quotes ;) nachdem aber sowieso der ganze artikel gequotet gehoert, einfach selbst lesen!

Derweil findet bei henso eine sehr lesenswerte diskussion zum thema structured text as input statt.

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