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Donnerstag, 10. April 2003 link aYago

"Some of the common wiki uses are as a hypertext database for research and writing (the wiki as personal information manager [PIM] or organizer), a knowledge management (knowledge bank or knowledge-log), a team collaboration tool for creating and maintaining documents that need frequent updating such as policy and procedure manuals, content for academic instruction, and a more flexible kind of Web log."

a rather lengthy, sometimes a bit in-coherent and most of the time very link-dense but (maybe due to it's length) very extensive piece of writing about wikis and their surroundings. seems to be well researched, as lots of non-mainstream resources are referenced. [via rist@]

Cosign: Secure, Intra-Institutional Web Authentication - ebenso via herrn rinner :) danke. ein single sign-in system das mal genauer betrachtet gehoert und sei es nur um anregungen zu finden :)

headcore 6295 days ago:
pt1. scheint mir der gestern begonnenen diskussion ├╝ber vanilla-printing@vanilla-pudding entsprungen ..?

earl 6295 days ago:
nah, pt1 is einfach nur vom herrn rinner cross-linked :)

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