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Samstag, 20. September 2003 link aYago

"PhotoMesa is a zoomable image browser. It allows the user to view multiple directories of images in a zoomable environment, and uses a set of simple navigation mechanisms to move through the space of images. It also supports grouping of images by metadata available from the file system." - aus dem HCIL, natuerlich moechte man fast sagen ;) [via blendo]

" is a collaborative event calendar, where anyone can add the music/sports/arts/film/drama events they're going to, find out who's going to the same events, and browse the event listings of other people with similar tastes."

i like the idea behind, but this is exactly the kind of software, that i do not want to use via centralized hosting. open-source the software behind and let hundreds or thousands upcoming communities grow. i'd really like to host such a thing and use it with a controlled group of friends. maybe someone should clone the software while it's fresh :)

"A fundamental tenet of distributed systems is they must be crafted with the reality that changes occur on the network. [..] Project Rio offers an initial response to these realities by providing a dynamic adaptive network architecture built using Jini technology mechanisms. Intrinsic to this architecture are a set of dynamic capabilities and reliance on Policy-based and Quality of Service mechanisms that extend capabilities currently found in distributed systems."

"It's all so predictable. There you are at a dinner party, sipping a second martini, when the conversation turns, inevitably, to distributed programming. What to do?" :)

"Managing a large software project is a challenge. Code is constantly being changed: bugs surface and are fixed, branches are created and merged — it's no small task to keep things coherent. [..] There's no silver bullet for this problem. However, one practice that may help keep things under control is continuous integration."

gpoul 6131 days ago:
This dinner party stuff ain't gonna happen.

gpoul 6131 days ago:
In response to your paragraph you might want to look into one of these:,

They don't satisfy all requirements you have but it seems to be a start. But there are many more opportunities if someone is building such a system which are very cool but very work intensive too. :-)

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