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Freitag, 21. Mai 2004 link

"With open source software, users can put their faith in the licenses behind the software. If the developers do anything that takes the software in a direction you don’t like, you can take the existing software, fork it, and continue development in the direction you want. -- With commercial software, users put their faith in the company behind the product."

"Berners-Lee pointed out that the new TLDs [..] attempt to sort domain names into a semantic tree, hopefully making it simple to identify the essence of a site (is it business? is it information? is it porn?) by its name. But he questioned the concept at it root. 'When people are looking for global brands, it's a flat space. You're much more likely to look for than,' he said." - FLAT SPACES ROCK!

Manuel_ 6028 days ago:
but flat spaces lead invariably to hand-made namespacing, especially on a global scale. I think a name should have at least two elements, like lisp packages and (gasp) xml element names, i.e. a "package" and a string unique in that package.

afaik perl 6 uses tuples as identifiers, and I find this very nice. also, I think perl 6 package names will include the name of the author. This could work.

chris 6026 days ago:
I'm not too fond of the author idea, but it's pretty clear that namespaces are needed - but only to keep things separated. Namespaces don't really imply a conceptual hierarchy of any kind.

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