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Montag, 8. Januar 2007 link

The Dabble DB Plugin API is here: "We've modelled plugins after the tried and true Unix pipe-and-filter model of data manipulation. Dabble DB passes data in as plain text (in the form of a CSV file), and the plugin passes the transformed data back in the same format. That's it."

gpoul 4822 days ago:
Downloading code and executing it locally is so 90's. Better move our whole datasets through 10 servers in CSV format... that's web3.0 for sure and we have the bandwidth and are all low on processor power, aren't we? :)

earl 4821 days ago:
we could also wrap some funny stuff around it and use a funny acronym, hmmm. what about WS-* ? ... oh wait, that's taken. damn it.

chris 4821 days ago:
I'm waiting for the WebSphere Enterprise Data Transformation CSV Edition.

gpoul 4821 days ago:
Well, I guess a more appropriate name would be WebSphere Adapter for Flat Files, wouldn't it? :-)

gpoul 4820 days ago:
earl: you forgot one important fact... the funny stuff of WS-* indeed does utilize the processor more than CSV ;-)

chris 4819 days ago:
ibm: ready for the age of flat files since 1952 ... at least.

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