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by earl, 6510 days ago
Welcome to the official rebXR page! rebXR is a full client/server XML-RPC implementation for REBOL.

Andreas Bolka <andreas dot bolka at gmx dot net>
Current Users Guide Version:
1.4.0 (2004-09-19)
Current rebXR Version:
1.3.0 (2002-11-18)

Quick Links

-- NEW: rebXR 2004-09-19 experimental release - download here

-- rebXR full v1.3.0 - download here
-- rebXR Users Guide
-- rebXR Unicode Behaviour

rebXR News

Uploaded a new experimental version now including full (client and server) asynchronous networking support. Unless major bugs are found, this version will become the next official, stable rebXR.

Incompatibilities to prior rebXR versions: No xmlrpc-client object anymore. Explicit proxy support has been dropped in favour of proxy settings made available by 'set-net. The Users Guide has been updated to reflect those changes; more updates are on the way.

A new rebXR version is coming soon, including standalone server functionality based on REBOL's asynchronous networking capabilities. those interested may start playing (and testing) an experimental version right away! Please note that the Users Guide has not yet been updated to reflect the changes.

rebXR 1.3.0 (full) released. See "Whats New ..." below for a list of changes

rebXR's behaviour in relation to Unicode is explained in rebXR Unicode Behaviour

rebXR 1.2.0 (full) avail for download. documentation update in progress

rebXR page split into this one and the rebXR Users Guide

News related to rebXR

Bruno Bord's first article in a three part series on rebXR is available at RebolFrance.

RC7, a remote content server by using rebXR is available as beta.

Maarten Koopmans provides a rebXR standalone server based on his HIPE server framework. Download available at his site.

Whats New in rebXR 1.3.0?

- Relicensed under the terms of the Academic Free License version 1.1
- Various typos corrected

- Nasty Content-Length calculation bugs fixed (thanks to Janko Metelko for reporting)
- Proper error handling of no-xml responses

- Improved the post-data reading routine (thanks to Janko Metelko for reporting)

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