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by earl, 4798 days ago
Projects I created and/or regularly contribute to. In alphabetical order.

A scraper for Bank Austria's online banking.

A client library for beanstalkd, written in Python.

A low-level REBOL 3 0MQ binding (wrapping the ZeroMQ library as R3 extension).

A full client/server implementation of XML-RPC for REBOL.

A PIRC-based IRC logging and commit notification bot serving the #ringojs channel on Freenode.

A server-side JavaScript runtime based on Mozilla's Rhino. Regular contributor.

A simple and extensible hypertext system which subscribes to the wiki philosophy and is written in REBOL. It can be used as an idea store, as idea interconnector, as competitive monitoring tool, as todo list, as centrally administered contact database and as blogging tool - generally, it's eays to put ideas, concepts, people and entitities in relation to each other with vanilla. Vanilla is a thought-flexibilitizer.

A dataset of 47 million triples, modelling a few aspects of the English Wikipedia in RDF.

A simple XML-RPC to POP3 gateway, closely mapping POP3 actions to XML-RPC callable methods. xr2pop features a XML-RPC to POP3 API specification and a sample implementation of this spec in Ruby.
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