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by unknown, a long time ago
Resource Description Framework

"An RDF document is a collection of assertions in subject verb object (S,V,O) form."

As seen by the W3C, RDF is a fundamental part of the "Semantic Web Stack".


Articles, Essays, Rants, Books:
- Make your XML RDF-Friendly,
- Why RDF is hard, Jack William Bell
- The Resource Description Framework in 500 Words (Not Including These), Danny Ayers

Visual RDF Modelling Tools:
- IsaViz
- RDFAuthor

RDF Frameworks:
- Cwm
- Jena
- Redland
- Sesame

RDF Notations:
- N3 (Notation 3), N-Triples, Turtle

Query Languages:
- rdfDB QL
- SquishQL / RDQL
- [create SeRQL]
- Versa

- Miller, Seaborne, Reggiori: "Three Implementations of SquishQL, a Simple RDF Query Language"
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