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by earl, 7302 days ago
Stefano Mazzocchi: A no-nonsense guide to Semantic Web specs for XML people

"[XML People] think [the Semantic Web is] an utterly complex way to write metadata that you can do with simple namespaces."

"[..] The problem with RDF (and XML to start with) it's its generality: they are so abstract that feel like shiny empty boxes and leave too much to you to be able to help you."

basically a nice guide. a minor point on N3: imho RDF/XML is one of the major wayblocks everyone trying to approach RDF stumbles over. in this respect, it's nice to see N3 mentioned. on the other hand, N3 is not RDF, it goes beyond RDF's model in some regards (e.g. paths, formulae). so recommending N3 to RDF newbies seems to be a bad idea, as it will lead to frustration. what do use instead? Turtle is a fully RDF-conformant notation; it's basically N3 without the non-RDF features.

update: Bill de hÓra echoes my concerns about N3 and adds some good remarks on reification.
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