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by earl, 8404 days ago
Grandioses Interview mit Anders Hejlsberg leider mit weniger grandiosen comments. ein paar quotes aus dem interview
one of our key design goals was to make the C# language component-oriented, to add to the language itself all of the concepts that you need when you write components. Concepts such as properties, methods, events, attributes, and documentation are all first-class language constructs.

das goal haben sie auch wahrlich sehr gut erreicht - es ist eine freude mit c#/.NET zu entwickeln, es behindert nicht, es unterstuetzt einfach. man designt seine komponenten froehlich, schafft klare interfaces, ueberlegt sich packaging/distribution und dann entwickelt man einfach und es funktioniert.

It's all possible to do, just as it's possible to do object-oriented programming in C. It's just harder, and there's more housekeeping, and you end up having to do all this work in order to truly express your ideas.

;) eben. .NET unterstuetzt das ausdruecken der ideen .... denn

We just think the time is right for a language that makes it easier to create components. Developers are building software components these days.

Viel vanilla auch heute wieder - das chl-tesbed wurde migriert (erfolgreich, so scheint es!!), visualisierungen ueberall (see lcom:2001-07-17) und auch sonst so manches.

X-Smiles: an open xml browser for exotic devices - "X-Smiles is a Java based XML browser. It is intended for both desktop use and embedded network devices and to support multimedia services. The main advantage of the X-Smiles browser is that it supports several XML related specifications and is still suitable for embedded devices supporting the Java environment."
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