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by earl, 7399 days ago
"The overall plan for Fenfire is to create a desktop environment that, instead of being structured around files and folders, is structured around a network of items, where an item is any concept the user cares about -- a person, a meeting, an idea, an e-mail -- and the network is formed by the relationships between those items (people in a meeting, ideas discussed, what-have-you). We call this philosophy hyperstructure."

"Audioscrobbler [..] builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste. With this information, Audioscrobbler is able to automatically generate suggestions for new songs/artists you might like." - another Collaborative Filtering system in action. plugins for various major audio players. interestingly enough, the website is hosted by sil :)

"Adenosine is a language designed both to work on, and be distributed over, the Semantic Web. The language exploits the expressiveness of RDF whilst adopting a clean syntax based on a combination of N3 and ECMAScript."

"CRM114 is a system to examine incoming e-mail, system log streams, data files or other data streams, and to sort, filter, or alter the incoming files or data streams according to the user's wildest desires. Criteria for categorization of data can be by satisfaction of regexes, by sparse binary polynomial matching with a Bayesian Chain Rule evaluator, a Hidden Markov Model [..]. CRM114 learns, and it learns fast."
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